Declutter Any Mess

You don’t need any new containers to get organized. In fact, you shouldn’t think of containers as organizers as all. Instead, think of them as devices to stop your clutter from spreading.

Your home is itself a container—as are your closet shelves, your dresser drawers, and your kitchen cabinets. If you exceed the maximum number of items these containers hold, they will no longer be functional. It’s as simple as that.

Every household has a “clutter threshold,” which refers to how much stuff you can have before the environment becomes unmanageable. When you reach the threshold, it will feel like you can’t keep up with the mess. That’s when you know it’s time to declutter.

When you allow your available space to serve as a hard limit, you’ll no longer feel emotionally exhausted by the prospect of decluttering. You learn to accept the limits and live within them. For more tips on maintaining a clutter-free lifestyle, check out our Instaread on Decluttering at the Speed of Life.

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