Sleep your way into a better world 😴

We’re three days into the new year, which means that most people are deep into the to-do list items they put off during the holidays. We’ve all resolved to get things done better and faster. But what if being our best selves meant resting more and working less? Welcome to the new resistance, where self-care is a form of activism.

Get Off Your Grind

Our culture doesn’t support rest unless it’s tied to increased labor and productivity. We push ourselves to exhaustion and praise other people who do the same. But rest has its own value beyond its physical benefits. It allows you to connect with your mind on a deeper level, and tap into your true potential as a human being. These are parts of ourselves that we often neglect in the hustle of daily life. Join the revolution and learn more about Tricia Hersey’s “ministry of rest” in our latest Instaread.

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