When Ignorance Ain’t Bliss

When did ignorance become a virtue in American politics? Comedian and satirist Andy Borowitz says that US media clearly favors politicians who are entertaining and extreme over classic qualities like intelligence and competence. In his latest book, Borowitz traces this disappointing heritage.

The Guy Who Dumbed Everything Down

Poor old Dan Quayle. No politician wants to go viral for being unable to spell the word “potato,” but that’s the hand he was dealt. Quayle famously made bad grades in law school, performed terribly in political debates, and was generally mocked and ridiculed by the American public. In fact, Quayle was so unimpressive that he paved the way for every inept politician who followed him. Take a lighthearted look at where it all went wrong in the eyes of Borowitz with our Instaread on Profiles in Ignorance

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