This Guy Is NOT Worried For The Polar Bears

Bjorn Lomborg has a rather unusual position on climate change: he thinks it’s real, but not that bad. In False Alarm, the Danish author and think tank leader explains his position as a “skeptical environmentalist,” which is exactly what it sounds like. He once referred to polar bears as “the global pin-up ‘victim’ of global warming.” Wow, harsh! But let’s hear him out.

Too Much Drama?

Lomborg says that the media’s extreme language on climate change is all a bit much. It’s scaring people, which leads to irrational discussions and ineffective policies. Green innovation should be based on investments in nuclear science and producing oil from algae. And in any case, humans have always been able to adapt to changing conditions. 

Are you skeptical of this skeptic? Or fully on his side? Weigh in after checking out our Instaread on False Alarm.

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