A Next-Level Gaming Story

How would you like to be a professional game player in a utopian space society? Sounds better than sitting at home on your PlayStation, right?

Here’s the scene in The Player of Games: Having mastered every tactic and strategy, Jernau Morat Gurgeh finds that he has become bored with easy victories. So he decides to go on what you might call a quest, traveling to a distant empire to participate in a game so complex that the winner becomes emperor.

Get Ready to Play the Game

Part “Squid Games,” part “Alice in Borderland”—yes, we’ve been watching too much Netflix—The Player of Games is part of a hugely popular series by sci-fi icon Iain M. Banks, a Scottish writer. Ready to press play on a brand-new summary? Read or listen to it now in the Instaread app. 

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