Wounds, Woods, and Warriors

Don’t look away.

The conflict was brutal, and so is the story. Arnold Boleman’s novel retells a centuries-old tale of violence and politics that would eventually shape modern-day India. A deft blend of real history and fictional characters, Yalgaar looks at the life of India’s great warrior king, Shivaji, through the eyes of ordinary people.

Terror and Upheaval 

Hiroji is a man seeking vengeance for a horrendous attack. In 1659, in a small Indian village, three Islamic marauders armed with bows and arrows attacked Hiroji’s wife and mother. Hiroji and his father rescued the women, but both died of their wounds. 

Hiroji had one mission: to avenge his family. He and his father decided to head west towards the sea, hoping to catch a ride from some fishermen. They packed only food, their shields, and essential weapons. Part tale of survival, part quest for revenge, what happens next on their journey brings together war and politics in one epic story.

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