The Dark Past of German Moguls

Porsche cars, Dr. Oetker products, and billionaire dynasties such as the Quandts are very famous names and brands. But few people know about their horrifying pasts.

Investigative journalist David de Jong aims to change that with Nazi Billionaires, an explosive story that uncovers the truth about modern-day German conglomerates that have swept their Nazi pasts under the rug.

Dark Dynasties

German business dynasties with Nazi pasts continue to have worldwide influence and relevance today. Their patriarchs rose to positions of power during Hitler’s reign, yet virtually all of them were allowed freedom when Nazi Germany fell. 

As of today, only a few of these men’s heirs have truly reckoned with the family past. The others refuse to do so. Their philanthropic institutions, media awards, and business offices are still named after Nazi collaborators. When will the public reckon with the Nazi past of these companies? 

Never? We’re guessing never.

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