Can Humanity Save Itself?!

Happy New Year. Are you ready to save humanity?

From nuclear annihilation to giant asteroids, there are so many threats in the world that it’s easy to lose track. In the coming centuries, humankind will be put to the test. Either we’ll take bold action to save the future of our species, or lose and be erased from existence.

The conditions that make life possible here on Earth are so delicate that even slight changes carry large repercussions—and we’re wreaking havoc on the natural order in more ways than one. Overpopulation, depleting essential resources, and the loss of biodiversity are all grave threats that require action and urgency.

If we can establish where to best concentrate our efforts in order to minimize risk, we’ll be off to a great start. Humanity’s whole future is in our hands. Find out what we need to do with our Instaread on The Precipice.

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