What AI Doesn’t Know

Artificial intelligence has made a lot of headlines this year, but for now, data is still pretty dumb. The human brain can grasp cause and effect, which keeps us a step ahead. But AI isn’t too far behind.

We have the edge because we use sophisticated models to think about problems. These models help us understand and interpret data instead of just summarizing it. New insights into this science of causation, as the field is known, may be the key to understanding ourselves and improving our natural abilities as well as advancing AI.

In the past few years, the amount of information we have about the world has grown at an astonishing rate. In the future, we’ll rely more on AI tools to help us make sense of it. Eventually, we may be able to teach machines to distinguish between good and evil as well or better than humans can. Until then, catch up on the new science of causation with our Instaread on The Book of Why.

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