Why We Need Machines, and Machines Need Us

This week, the internet has been freaking out over ChatGPT, a new chatbot fueled by artificial intelligence. Designed by OpenAI, the company that released a popular image generator earlier this year, the bot can even crack jokes. 

Algorithms are what drive innovation in the AI space, but they also make up the basic infrastructure of our daily lives. Netflix uses them to recommend movies, and Google uses algorithms for every search. Social media feeds use them to decide what we see as we scroll. 

While AI is powered by technology, it’s important to remember that human involvement is essential to making the decisions that will define the field. Machines can’t feel responsibility or regret, so it’s up to us to make sure that algorithms are used for the greater good—and to do that, we need to be informed. Learn more about how algorithms shape our lives with our Instaread on Hello World.

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