Dump Your Emotional Baggage

Emotions can get trapped in our subconscious mind after unsettling events, leading to physical and mental discomfort. How can we learn to let go?

Bradley Nelson, a “medical intuitive” who specializes in energy psychology and healing, believes that emotions are energy vibrations produced by the body. When they’re working for us, emotions can inspire, guide our intuition, and help us communicate better.

But not all emotions are good, and when that happens we tend to tamp them down. This emotional baggage hampers our ability to become our best selves. Nelson recommends methods and tools that can help you identify emotions that have become trapped—and then set them free.

Emotional release, as Nelson calls this process, can have an immediate and dramatic impact or a mild effect, depending on what you’re dealing with. Either way, letting go will bring greater feelings of wellness and serenity.

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