Can You Hear Your Inner Voice?

The background noise of everyday life—from traffic to social media—is making it increasingly difficult to concentrate. The world isn’t going to get any quieter, so we have to learn how to manage it better.

The same is true of our inner worlds, which can also be very noisy. Even the smallest daily conflicts create loud internal strife. How can we silence these distractions, take control of our attention spans, and lead a more controlled and focused life?

It’s easy to forget that where we direct our attention is a personal choice. Who or what do you listen to? Why is it your concern? Should you respond? Instead of reacting automatically in the moment, be more intentional in how you answer these questions.

When you focus on what matters most to you, instead of what’s loudest, you’ll make better choices and feel more content. Learn more techniques in our Instaread on Hear Yourself.

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