How to Push Through Anything

Grieving is a natural process, which means the only way out is through. Losing a loved one touches everything in your life. But many cultures treat it as a problem that has a quick fix.

Instead of pretending like you’re not in pain, treat your emotional wound as something that needs tending. Your inner life may feel chaotic, changing radically from day to day or even hour to hour.

One way to cope with grief is to treat it as an experiment. Keep a journal to track how you feel at different times of day. Going for walks, taking naps, or making meals are all effective forms of self-care, but some approaches may work better than others. Observing what seems to work well (or not) will help you stay in touch with your emotions, and ultimately ease your suffering.

For more ideas on how to live through grief or help someone else who’s struggling, try our Instaread on It’s OK That You’re Not OK

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