Strength in Weakness

Good business isn’t just about buying and selling. It’s also about generosity—giving and taking. We often think of independence as a virtue, especially in the Western world. But the research on networking tells a different story, in which receiving help from others actually boosts your reputation. 

Here’s an interesting example: Allowing yourself to express vulnerability and doubt can actually strengthen the connections in your network, according to Adam Grant, the acclaimed author and B-school professor. Admitting to a weakness—say, a blind spot in your knowledge—can show an associate that you trust them. That newfound trust might lead a reluctant associate to reach an agreement and forge a stronger partnership. 

The next time you find yourself struggling, go ahead and accept a helping hand. Or offer one, if the situation is reversed. Learn more about how generosity can be a huge asset (and a useful release valve) in GIVE AND TAKE.

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