Are You Ready for What’s Coming?

The Information Age has caused rapid societal shifts over the last decades that were accelerated by the pandemic. As the world becomes more and more online, we’re learning new things about ourselves and what it means to be a citizen in the fourth age of society (the first three being hunter-gatherer, agricultural, and industrial).

This shift has entailed more than your addiction to your phone or Facebook. It has changed lifestyles, organizational structures, and the way the economy works. It has also reduced governments’ roles in regulating wealth, which has destabilized major institutions and nation-states.

We’re already seeing the effects of political upheaval generated by the internet. History suggests that these changes will eventually lead to crisis. Societal transformations are rarely gradual, linear, or peaceful; they happen quickly, and it’s important to prepare.

What do you need to know to survive—and thrive—in this environment? Learn more in our Instaread on The Sovereign Individual.

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