Why Trust Matters

Humanity has had a rough few years, which pessimists have taken as proof that the world keeps getting worse. Objectively, however, life for most people has increased in quality. Global poverty is declining, living conditions are improving, mortality is decreasing, and prosperity is flourishing.

In The Rational Optimist, scientist and author Matt Ridley explains that working together is what has enabled societal progress. Cooperation between people who aren’t connected appears to be unique to humans in all of the animal kingdom.

Cooperation requires trust, which is where the power of optimism comes in. Generally speaking, the more that citizens can trust each other, the more a society prospers. Income growth and wealth seem to follow when trust increases within a population.

Do you see this principle at work in the country where you live? And how can we trust each other more? Learn more in our latest release, The Rational Optimist

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