Elevate Your Vibes

From the frontiers of new spirituality, healer and connoisseur of good vibes Sue Morter is reporting on the intricacies of energy healing research. Describing her field as a combination of quantum physics and neuroscience, Morter uses methods that are unconventional. She works with energy to make people healthier, happier, and more self-possessed. 

One of Morter’s core principles is that your life reflects your energy. The more dispersed your energy, the more troubled, confused, and painful your life will be. The more integrated or unified your energy, the more in charge, at ease, and joyful you will feel. 

In other words, to have a better life, you have to get your vibes in order. We all have the ability to manage the energy flowing through our system and make it more unified. Take charge of your life with our latest Instaread, The Energy Codes

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