The COVID Vaccine was Built on Centuries of Innovation

In the early days of the pandemic, a common worry was how long it would take to develop a vaccine. Typically, a given vaccine takes about 10 years to go to market. Yet experts managed to develop, test, manufacture, and deliver safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines in one year flat.

How on earth did they accomplish that? Wall Street Journal reporter Gregory Zuckerman traces this high-stakes story in our latest Instaread.

Starting with the first successful vaccine (for smallpox, in the late 1700s), science has had incredible success with fighting deadly infectious diseases. Most of these vaccines work in exactly the same way, teaching the body’s immune system to fight pathogens. 

Building on incredible advancements, especially the techniques developed in the battle against AIDS, a gifted team of scientists worked at lightning speed. Learn their amazing story in our Instaread on A Shot to Save the World

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