A Hypnotherapist’s Guide to the Great Beyond

Tired of the workaday world? It’s a good time to read up on hypnotherapist Michael Newton’s colorful vision of the spirit world and how it works. 

Here are the basics: after your body dies on Earth, your soul travels back to the spirit world where it joins a “soul group.” This community consists of about 15 souls that have similar levels of worldly experience. 

To make sure your spirit is well socialized, there are soul group mixers. For educational purposes, there are guest speakers. There’s also a Council of Elders, Timemasters, and something called the Ring of Destiny. These concepts are a little mysterious, but suffice it to say your eternal soul always has a lot going on. 

Whether or not you buy into Newton’s ideas, his description of the spirit world is certainly interesting. Check out our Instaread on Destiny of Souls

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