The Outcome Mindset

The work-life struggle is real. It’s an unfortunate fact that productivity tends to decrease in relation to how busy we are. It’s hard to set priorities when everything is important.

Here’s a trick you can try the next time you’re struggling at work or at home: try to focus on outcomes. Whether you’re creating a report or a dinner party, the output isn’t what matters. The outcome—pleasing or disappointing a client, your boss, or a guest—is the most important thing.

It’s easy to lose sight of the distinction between output and outcomes. Outputs tend to be more materialistic, like products or documents or events. Outcomes are more about emotions and satisfaction. Your guiding light should always be what makes the end user happy.

Focusing on outcomes will naturally help you organize the labor that needs to be prioritized. Learn more lifehacks from the world of digital product development with our Instaread on Continuous Discovery Habits

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