How to Calm Down

Worrying can be helpful when it alerts you to a real problem. But when you can’t find a solution to that problem, worry turns into something much darker and more damaging: anxiety.

Anxiety can take many different forms. It can slowly cook up throughout the day until it keeps you awake at night. Or it can appear as intermittent periods of panic. Learning to recognize the signs and sources of our anxiety can help us address root problems, instead of spinning our wheels or wasting time on a short-term fix.

Anxiety easily feeds into bad habit loops because it saps our energy, makes it harder to think, and downgrades our performance. Curbing anxiety makes it easier to form good habits because we’re better able to act quickly and plan more efficiently.

Mapping your anxiety can be surprisingly effective in helping you develop practical solutions to everyday problems. Explore the most effective strategies to take the edge off in our Instaread on Unwinding Anxiety.

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