Can You Spy the Lie?

Special equipment and advanced training aren’t necessary. All you need is to learn how to interview people properly and evaluate how they respond.

Take body language, which carries all sorts of information. The classic visual indicator that someone is lying is nodding the head while verbally denying something (or vice versa). A liar might also hide their mouth or eyes, clear their throat, or swallow dramatically. 

The body can betray liars in other ways, too. People often use grooming gestures to manage their anxiety. If you see someone fix an already straight tie, adjust smooth hair, or move small objects around on the table in front of them, be skeptical of what they’re saying.

Philip Houston and his team had long experience at the CIA before moving to the private sector. Now they’re passing on practical wisdom about what to look and listen for. Learn how to ask the right questions with our Instaread on Spy the Lie.

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