Are You Underestimating Yourself?

The cult of genius tells us to celebrate the heroes of the past for their unique qualities. But what if we looked at them as role models, more than special cases? 

Even regular folks have an incredible potential for greatness. That’s been one of the big lessons of psychological research in the 21st century. Modern science has explored and tested the nature and scope of human intelligence, uncovering remarkable facts about the extent of our true potential. 

Your brain is more flexible than any software. It can acquire seven facts every second. And it can even improve as you age if you use it carefully.

Stripping away the cult of genius around one of history’s best artists, executive coach Michael J. Gelb looks for lessons on how to find your higher purpose, better appreciate beauty, and improve your quality of life. Check out our Instaread on How to Think like Leonardo da Vinci.

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