What is Your Financial IQ?

It’s not savings, stocks, precious metals, or property that make you wealthy. It’s what you know about those things that matters.

We’re talking about your financial intelligence. 

When it comes to making money, knowledge is king, and it can make or break or your business. Most businesses fail not because of a lack of capital, but due to a dearth of information and know-how. 

Wealth is not just built, but also protected, with knowledge. People and organizations all around the world are just waiting for the opportunity to get their hands on your money. These predators include the scammers in your spam and legitimate institutions like banks, corporations, and even the government. Taxes are as much or more of a concern than thieves.

To fend off these challenges, you’ll need to develop your financial intelligence. Learn how with our Instaread on Rich Dad’s Increase Your Financial IQ.

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