Weekend Wisdom: Having a Weakness is Human. Admitting it is Leadership.

With more than 50 books about leadership and faith under his belt, John Maxwell knows a thing or two about success in business. His most popular title, THE 21 IRREFUTABLE LAWS OF LEADERSHIP, teaches leaders and would-be leaders to sharpen their skills and competencies.

While there’s always room for self-improvement, Maxwell points out that it’s important to accept that every leader has at least one weakness. The best way to deal with a true weakness is to acknowledge it and then compensate for it. Good leaders choose their innermost circle with great care, selecting the senior leadership team to be strong in areas where the leader is weak.

This dynamic can work at the smallest of companies. Many startups, for instance, are founded by two leaders with different core competencies. One might deal with financial matters while the other takes care of creative tasks. Or perhaps one works in solitude while the other co-founder goes out into the world to market the product or service.

For more advice on working around a weakness, consult our Instaread on THE 21 IRREFUTABLE LAWS OF LEADERSHIP.

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