This is the War on Knowledge

The disturbing images from Russia’s war on Ukraine are a powerful reminder of how brutal fascism can be. But it’s important to remember that fascism isn’t just sheer violence; it’s also a war on knowledge.

In How Fascism Works, Yale professor Jason Stanley looks at how fascist leaders hold on to power with sneaky tactics like propaganda. It’s important for fascists to stifle public debate by destroying education, knowledge, and language. We can see this playing out in Russia in real time, with the Humans Rights Watch reporting that Vladimir Putin is spreading disinformation through history teachers in classrooms across the country. 

Fascists have one point of view, and the goal is to indoctrinate everyone and stifle dissent. Putin’s recent actions, including shutting down independent media, arresting protesters, and more, read like a classic playbook.

Dive in deeper and get more context for current events with our Instaread on How Fascism Works

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