Get Fit Quick

If you haven’t yet had your 60th birthday, chances are you know and love someone who has.

As we grow older, we slowly start losing lean muscle mass. This isn’t just a vanity problem. Losing that muscle makes it easier to get injured and harder to stay active as we age.

The good news is that it’s never too late to start a fitness journey, or to help someone else start theirs. Even people who have shunned exercise all through life can benefit from moving around just a little more.  

Created by Jonathan Su, an award-winning physical therapist who has worked with people of all ages, the 6-minute workout is designed to be executed at home, with little to no equipment. It only takes a few months of following the program to look and feel better.

Move around the world with more confidence—or help a friend, family member, or neighbor—with our Instaread on 6-Minute Fitness at 60+

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