Are You Breathing Correctly?

For the past century, the prevailing belief in Western medicine was that the nose was more or less an ancillary organ. We should breathe out of the nose if we can, the thinking went, but if not: no problem. That’s what the mouth is for.

But evolution doesn’t always mean progress. It means change—and life can change for better or worse. Today, the human body is changing in ways that are detrimental to our health. Our noses have grown smaller, making them less efficient at filtering air. That means we’re more exposed to airborne pathogens and bacteria. And people who breathe through their mouths are even more exposed (plus they tend to have weak throat muscles and small airways).

The body was not designed to process raw air for hours at a time. If you’re not breathing correctly, your health will suffer. Learn the proper method in our latest Instaread, Breath.

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