Get More Out of What You Read

You don’t need a fancy degree to get the most out of your reading. But learning even a little bit more about literature will enhance every book you read for the rest of your life.

Yes, even those paperbacks they sell at the airport. 

Take the opening page of a novel. That first page—or even the first paragraph, or the first line—can provide everything you need to know in order to understand the rest of the book. 

In fact, there are at least 18 different things that the first page can convey, including style, tone, mood, time, and place. You might not find every single element on every first page, but we guarantee that most of them will be there. In his latest how-to guide, author and professor of English Thomas C. Foster dives deep into each of these elements, helping us boost our understanding and take away more from the text. We have everything you need to know in our Instaread on How to Read Novels Like a Professor

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