These Fitness Routines are a Total Waste of Time

Mainstream fitness gurus have long touted the benefits of pumping iron and getting your heart rate up. But John Jaquish and Henry Alkire are champions of alternative methods, including monitoring hormone levels, developing good eating habits, and strength training.

Consider hormones. Until recently, their function with regard to fitness and exercise was not well understood. But researchers have found that monitoring hormone levels can help with fat loss, muscle building, and other good outcomes.

Other elements of Jaquish and Alkire’s X3 workout system include using thick resistance bands (which are safe and easy to store at home) and monitoring macronutrient levels such as fat and protein. Cutting carbs is also highly recommended. And monitoring your body’s composition is critical.

Jaquish and Alkire say that you can give up aerobic exercise and heavy barbells for good, and still achieve better results than ever before. To learn more about their recommendations, check out our Instaread on Weight Lifting Is a Waste of Time.

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