How To Bring Your Best Memories To Life

For Dave Grohl, hearing a Kiss song is like traveling back in time. Suddenly, he’s in his old bedroom with dirty socks, lots of posters, and his first guitar. 

Since he was a kid, the Foo Fighters front man and Nirvana alum has measured his life in musical bars instead of months or years. Where some people’s memories are triggered by smells or tastes or sights, Grohl’s most treasured moments have always had musical cues—and old songs often make him feel young again.

As we move towards the end of another year, consider: What might do the same thing for you? Chances are that one of your five senses is most strongly tethered to your precious memories. Maybe it’s the smell of a beloved family dish or the bright color of the walls of an old bedroom. Surrounding yourself with those personal memory cues will make life richer and more rewarding.

Grohl’s new memoir, The Storyteller, is filled with insights like these from his long and storied career. Learn more in our latest Instaread.

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