How To Survive the Apocalypse

Maybe the world as we know it finally ends. 

Or maybe it’s something less dramatic: your car blows a tire as you’re driving through the desert, or your family loses the path on a hike through a remote wooded area. 

Maybe health care systems around the world endure unprecedented strain because of a pandemic. (Sound familiar?)   

Modern medicine is a miracle—but if a situation occurs in which it’s no longer available, you need to know how to handle common emergencies yourself. 

That’s where survival medicine comes in. Developed by a doctor and a nurse practitioner, The Ultimate Survival Medicine Guide will teach you how to gather supplies, triage injured people, perform basic dental work, combat infection, and manage chronic health problems. 

We stockpiled all this info and more to help you stay safe in the new year. Check out The Ultimate Survival Medicine Guide now in the Instaread app.  

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