Why Is Parenting So Tough?

Being a parent can feel impossible sometimes. But it hasn’t always been this way.

Some Western parenting methods date back only about a hundred years; others go back just a few decades. The concept of the nuclear family, for instance, is relatively new.

Until recently, people around the world shared the burdens of raising children. Now, most parents of nuclear families in the West do all the work themselves. Mothers and fathers are forced to carry all the responsibility, providing money, shelter, knowledge, entertainment, and more.

What can we learn from cultures that are less isolated, with grandparents, extended family, and neighbors helping with the work of raising kids? Michaeleen Doucleff, a journalist, discovered that hunter-gatherer societies in particular have many lessons to offer Western parents. Transform your parenting strategy with our latest Instaread on Hunt, Gather, Parent.

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