Schedule Your Free Time

We live in an age of constant distraction. One way of dealing with the demands on your time and attention is to plan every minute of the day—even your free time.

Go ahead and spend half an hour watching viral videos, as long as you intended to spend your time that way. It doesn’t matter so much how you choose to spend your time. You’ll measure your success by whether or not you stuck with the plan.

It may sound silly to schedule time to scroll social media, or daydream, or take a nap. But creating a schedule for yourself helps you allocate your time more intentionally and meaningfully. It also guarantees that you always have time for the things you value most, whether that’s spending time with your family or binging a show on Netflix (or better yet, both).

For more tips on designing a thoughtful schedule that works for you, check out our Instaread on Indistractable.

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