Does Group Therapy Work?

Christie Tate just wanted to cease existing. She had no good reasons for it, and didn’t know whether she wanted to act on the thoughts or not. On the advice of a friend, she joined a therapy group—and the experience changed her life.

Tate found a therapist, Dr. Jonathan Rosen. He pushed her to be totally honest with the group, even when answering deeply personal questions about her sex life. Tate was insecure at first, but ultimately she agreed.

One lesson she learned at the first meeting was that keeping secrets is far worse than other people knowing your business. Holding on to secrets was just making her feel shame. Opening up to the group about her life mortified Tate, but she knew she needed to do hard things in order to get better.

Learn about the fascinating secrets Tate shared over years of group therapy in our Instaread on her shocking memoir, Group.

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