This Is Not a Test

Our busy modern lives make it difficult to truly know and understand ourselves. But what if an ancient geometric form could give you stunning insights into your personality?

This mysterious tool is called an Enneagram: a nine-pointed geometric figure that you can use as a personality-typing system. Think of it not as a test, but as a tool for self-discovery.

By using the tool, you can find your Enneagram number. Ones are ethical and reliable. Twos are warm and caring. Threes are driven and productive. Fours are creative and moody. Fives are analytical and private. Sixes are practical and witty. Sevens are fun and adventurous. Eights are intense and confrontational. And nines are pleasant, laid back, and accommodating.

When you finally know your number (and therefore yourself), you’ll become more compassionate towards yourself and others. Get started today with our Instaread on The Road Back to You.

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