Rethinking the UX

Designers don’t create products. They create experiences. And in the time of COVID-19, when so many activities take place online, a lot of those experiences are bad.

How can you ensure that you provide a stellar user experience? Try to anticipate problems and recognize potential pain points. Using new technology? Test it, then test it again. Then let new users test that system, too, because they’re likely to see flaws that are invisible to more experienced and knowledgeable users.

Remember, no technology stands on its own. You can develop a beautiful website or platform, but people need to be able to use it easily. Inevitably, people will make errors. Your job is to make sure they can get back on track without much time or effort.

When clients or users run into a problem after a platform or service has launched, don’t despair. With the right attitude, even designers whose products fail are always improvising. You can always use mistakes to inform better designs in the future.

For a deep dive into how people interact with their tools, check out our Instaread on The Design of Everyday Things.

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