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Are you savvy enough about social media marketing? Entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk says that engagement—making conversation, having a laugh, and soliciting opinions—is more important than your sales pitch, and that this social media micro-content should be tailored for each distinct platform. Here are two key insights from our latest release, JAB, JAB, JAB, RIGHT HOOK.

Key Insight 1: Effective “jabs,” or non-sales interactions, offer consumers distraction, entertainment, or the ability to network with one another.Most companies make the mistake of only posting calls to action on their social media feeds. These businesses endlessly prod customers with reminders to buy, a tactic that irritates potential buyers at best, and infuriates them at worst. Customers don’t care whether companies make sales, nor they should they be expected to. Instead of pestering prospective buyers with sales pitches, marketers should provide what consumers actually want: a diversion from worries, a fun moment or a laugh, or an opportunity to engage in an uplifting conversation.

Key Insight 2: Trending topics and current events provide easy opportunities for marketers to create relevant micro-content.Twitter’s helpful roundup of currently trending hashtags and topics provides companies with easy and plentiful opportunities to promote their brands. Businesses simply need to look for topics that are either directly or tangentially related to their services or products. Companies that frequently interact with followers will increasingly find more opportunities to act on current events related to their customers’ interests.

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