Let a Stranger Fix Your Life

Professional networking norms have been different in 2020. (Obviously!) Around the world, in-person conferences have been cancelled or postponed, which has eliminated many of the pathways by which people find the mentors who guide them to the next phase in their personal and career development. Fortunately, you don’t have to be well-connected to find a first-class mentor. Self-help guru Tim Ferriss can help you link up with dozens from your couch at home.

After he went through a midlife crisis, Ferriss compiled a volume of advice from some of the world’s greatest success stories, including 140 top performers from all walks of life. His all-star team offered different forms of wisdom, ranging from the habits of high achievers to the best book recommendations.

Ferriss’s tribe of mentors recommend that you invest in education, relationships, and your health. They think you should cut sugar from your diet, get more sleep, and take time to unplug from technology. Eighty percent of them think you should meditate. Ferriss also asked his subjects about more personal issues, including how they pursue their passions, which investments to make, and how they protect their free time.

We all need mentors, but that doesn’t mean we have to meet with them in person. Join Ferriss’s Tribe of Mentors in the Instaread app—no introductions or small talk necessary.

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