How to Toughen Up

Every day you live and breathe is proof that you’re unstoppable.

Your tenaciousness is a matter of fact, so you may as well believe it. You don’t have to feel emotionally bulletproof every day. We all have moments of weakness. But the evidence that you made it through yesterday strongly suggests that you’ll endure tomorrow. 

Self-affirmations are often viewed as a type of self-care. But it may be more helpful to regard them as a form of armor that you can wear in the world. Affirming to yourself that you’re capable and strong helps concretize those qualities within you and insulate you from your detractors. The more you believe in yourself, the more powerful your armor will become. Every day, you’ll become closer to the person you aspire to be. Celebrate Women’s History Month with our Instaread on Badass Affirmations

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