How to Cultivate Resilience

Accepting fate is better than fighting it.

Philosophy is more than just old ideas printed in textbooks. It is a discipline that you can practice daily. The Stoic philosophy, for instance, helps people build discipline, fortitude, and resilience. Practicing Stoicism can help you make objective decisions faster and more accurately.

Stoics accept reality. They strive to perceive the world as it is, not as they wish it were. This process requires self-awareness, a calm demeanor, and mental clarity. Acceptance also requires the ability to modulate emotion. Stoics understand that a negative attitude has no impact on things they can’t control.

Change is an inevitable fact of life. As the external world changes, Stoics focus on their internal environments, preparing for whatever happens next. Rather than becoming attached to things that are temporary, Stoics anticipate difficulty. They try to avoid feeling possessive or territorial about the things they are likely to lose.

By using Stoicism to accept the world as it is, you’ll cultivate a strong spirit that will help you navigate times of crisis. It will become easier to accept events over which you have no control. Even when obstacles and setbacks arise, you’ll be able to get to work without wasting time or emotional energy. 

To learn more about how to cultivate resilience in the face of adversity, we recommend The Daily Stoic.

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