How Not To Die

Weekend Wisdom – How to Stay Alive

No one lives forever. But by now you know that the food choices you make every day can help you live longer and enjoy a better quality of life. In HOW NOT TO DIE, Dr. Michael Greger examines the most common causes of death, and the foods that can help prevent them.

Many people who need to overhaul their diets are not just looking to eat healthfully, but also to lose weight. For these people, Greger has good news: for most people who are overweight, weight loss is a natural side effect of making a switch to a plant-based diet.

As it turns out, you don’t have to eat less to lose weight. You just have to eat better.

Greger’s formula for a long, healthy life is to emphasize fruits and vegetables, which provide a palette of nutrients and other benefits that mere supplements cannot match. He recommends what he calls the Daily Dozen: a checklist of foods and activities to help guide your choices each day. The Daily Dozen includes varying doses of beans, berries, other fruits, cruciferous vegetables, greens, other vegetables, flaxseed, nuts, whole grains, spices, exercise, and water.

By focusing on what you can and should eat instead of forbidden foods, you’ll naturally cut back on or even drop high-sugar and processed foods from your diet. (You just won’t have room to eat it all!) Learn more in our Instaread on HOW NOT TO DIE.

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