Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

Weekend Wisdom – For Better Health, Put Your Brain First

Do you want to protect yourself from aging-related diseases like Alzheimer’s?

Put down the crossword puzzle and pick up a plate of salmon, because the brain can’t live on intellectual stimulation alone.

By analyzing more than 100,000 brain scans, Dr. Daniel D. Amen, a psychiatrist, came to understand the essential role of brain health in the science of aging, psychological well-being, and strong interpersonal relationships.

In his book CHANGE YOUR BRAIN, CHANGE YOUR LIFE, Amen makes a profound observation that’s stunning in its simplicity: Take care of your brain, and good health will follow.

Healthy brains require a steady stream of positive stimulation. Neural pathways form and expand when we try new things. To support this growth, the brain requires a large volume of oxygen and nutrients, which exercise can boost by increasing blood flow to the brain. And clean eating habits make sure that negative stimulation (such as high blood sugar) doesn’t impede all this important activity.

For more tips on optimizing your brain health, check out our Instaread on CHANGE YOUR BRAIN, CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

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