Andy Warhol was a Hoarder

Weekend Wisdom – The Secret Struggles of the Rich and Famous

Abraham Lincoln was depressed. So was Marilyn Monroe, whose glitzy lifestyle hid her painful struggle with borderline personality disorder. And Charles Darwin, who suffered from anxiety, was chronically ill when he traveled to develop his theory of evolution.

In ANDY WARHOL WAS A HOARDER, Claudia Kalb examines the lives of prominent historical figures for signs that they may have suffered from undiagnosed mental health problems. Warhol, for instance, filled hundreds of cardboard boxes with old papers and pizza crusts.

Kalb’s work is a useful reminder that friends, colleagues, and strangers often face challenges of which we are totally unaware.

Many of the people who Kalb profiles likely suffered from disorders that did not officially exist when they were alive. They felt compelled to hide their problems from the gaping public, which likely exacerbated their pain.

As you move through the week, keep in mind that there’s more to most people than what meets the eye. Read more about the mental health struggles of celebrities in our Instaread on ANDY WARHOL WAS A HOARDER.

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