One Person Can Make or Break Your Organization

There’s a lot of focus on leadership in business, but the truth is that every person in an organization matters. A single employee may be the difference between whether a company-wide initiative succeeds or fails.

In one study about collaboration, researchers found that when one person spoke up repeatedly and did not let other members of the group contribute equally, the overall productivity of the group declined. Conversely, when individuals were given the opportunity to speak to their strengths freely, the productivity of the group increased and the project enjoyed a greater degree of success. The groups that showed less sensitivity to their colleagues’ thoughts and feelings consistently scored below average.

Never underestimate the importance of a positive team dynamic. One person’s underperformance or self-serving attitude can derail a huge project. And a well-placed person can correct a project that has gone off the rails. Leaders must therefore select teams and collaborators very carefully.

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