The Fool’s Choice

No one relishes the prospect of a difficult conversation. Whether you need to confront an employee who has been under-performing or an unruly relative at a family gathering, a common instinct is to minimize conflict. 

Here’s a handy reminder: you should never sacrifice being honest in the name of being polite—a false dichotomy known as “the Fool’s Choice.”  Too many people forget that kindness and honesty go hand in hand, say the authors of CRUCIAL CONVERSATIONS, a book about how to have more productive discussions at work and at home. Candid observations need not be delivered in a harsh or blunt tone, just as civility doesn’t demand that you agree with everything that the other person says. You can be nice and direct at the same time.

For more simple, effective tools that promote good discussion, check out our Instaread on CRUCIAL CONVERSATIONS.

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