This Magic Moment

What’s on your mind this weekend? Many of us are still thinking about the events of the past week. Or perhaps your mind has already turned to everything you need to do at work on Monday.

Spiritual guru Eckhart Tolle has some advice that will change your life (or at least your Sunday): let go of your worry and try to focus fully on the present moment. As animals, humans tend to be uniquely distracted from the present. We pour a lot of energy into dwelling on the past and feeling anxious about the future. But the past can’t be changed, and future problems haven’t transpired yet. The past and the future are, in a sense, illusory—they exist only in our minds.

Tolle says that true contentment comes from the simple, but powerful, act of attending to the present moment. Learn more about THE POWER OF NOW in our featured Instaread.

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