Fact-checking a very famous reporter

Last summer, former NFL star Michael Oher raised eyebrows when he claimed that he made no money from the famous Michael Lewis project, The Blind Side. Oher took his supposed benefactors, the Tuohy family, to court with allegations of exploitation. In the wake of these distressing allegations, it’s time to revisit Lewis’s reporting. What did he miss?

One Star, Two Stories

Lewis’s book focuses on the transformative role of the Tuohy family in Oher’s journey to stardom. Not only did they press for Oher’s success in professional football, but they also played a role in his academic and personal life, creating a support system that included tutoring sessions. It’s fascinating to contrast this account with the new stories about Oher from 2023. Check out the summary and join the discussion in the Instaread app. 

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