‘Bill Belichick Still Wants To Coach’ – NFL Insider Shares the Latest on Patriots HC With Pat McAfee

No matter what the future holds for New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, it looks like it’s still in his plans to continue to coach next year.

There seems to be no hotter seat in the NFL coaching world than the one legendary New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is sitting in right now. The Patriots have been abysmal so far this season, and with that comes the chatter of a coaching change.

As wild as it may have seemed years ago, the fact is that Belichick has a real possibility of being out the door in New England sooner rather than later. Despite all the noise, Belichick approaches each day, and seemingly every year, the same exact way. He focuses on coaching football, and the other stuff comes second.

Whether that is in New England next year or somewhere else, it seems like the show will go on. That’s at least according to Michael Lombardi.

NFL Insider Shares Latest on Bill Belichick’s Future Plans

Lombardi joined Pat McAfee and Co. on the latest episode of The Pat McAfee Show, and when asked about his thoughts on Belichick’s future plans and what they may look like, Lombardi made it known that Belichick wants to continue to coach.

“Bill Belichick still wants to coach, and obviously, the Patriots team isn’t playing well…If [Patriots owner] Robert Kraft feels like it’s time to make a change, that’s fine…Bill Belichick still wants to prove that he’s a really good coach, and he’ll go somewhere else.”

Prior to this season, the idea of Belichick ever coaching anywhere else and not simply riding off into the sunset seemed unimaginable. Fast forward to the current day, and it seems like an ever-growing possibility.

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