Sensitive kids are cool

As a child, Andre Sólo spent a lot of time alone in an old storm sewer pipe. (Bless his heart.) He was a gifted reader and writer, but he was bullied for being such a sensitive guy. As an adult, he came to understand his gentle nature as more of a superpower than a fault in his personality. With fellow sensitive soul Jenn Granneman, he has been evangelizing that message for years.

Evolutionary Advantage?

Sólo and Granneman say that sensitivity can lead to profound personal growth when it is nurtured properly. But it can also be dangerous. Emotional contagion is when emotions spread from one person to another like an infectious disease, and sensitive people are particularly susceptible to it. Practices like self-compassion, mindfulness, and “catching” positive emotions are great strategies for engaging sensitivity in a productive and healthy way. Learn more in our latest release.

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